Beauty is an art vitalized by science

We are a group of health & beauty fanatics combining VIBRACNCY, INNOVATION & SCIENCE in our product offerings. Always with the challenge mode on, it lies our mission to deliver breakthrough, efficacious yet affordable health & beauty products to local and neighboring communities, to shake the overclaimed and overpriced market.

Well connected with the worldwide formulators and continuous research, our professional team ensures bringing in the best collection of derma cosmetic brands with honesty, kindness and authenticity.

The DNA of Another Planet is to devise formulations of the finest quality so that our customers can take pleasure in their health & beauty journeys. We would like to bring an inside-out transformation of one’s beauty, both body and mind, always with positive vibes.


  • Consolidate worldwide quality luxury skincare formula with reasonable & affordable price;
  • High vibes infused skincare & health products to empower both inner and outer beauty;
  • Clean beauty & personal care


  • We skip unnecessary advertising, spokesperson and real customers’ experience is the ONLY PROOF of our quality!
  • INNOVATION is the best differentiation of our products!
  • SCIENCE is the backbone to ensure quality!
  • Spreading POSITIVE VIBES is one of our missions!


  • Work with integrity
  • High Quality ingredient source
  • Quality Assured
  • No harmful ingredients