“A goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. 
Voluptas is the ultimate emblem of pleasure by everlasting beauty.
Voluptas, a brand mainly focusing on anti-aging products, is named after the Roman goddess of delight and pleasure. In Roman mythology, Voluptas is the beautiful daughter combining the ethereal beauties of the Greek gods, Eros (Cupid) and Psyche. Little is known about the legend of Voluptas, but the mere mention of her name evokes people to fill life with joy, passion and delight.
In the sense of carrying this legendary delight and beauty, Voluptas is the brand that brings inside-out beauty to our customers: enjoy your everyday sensuous, tactile experience of our skincare rituals and witness the transformed beauty in your skin.
This is where Voluptas comes in: anti-aging is a universal big thing and people try hard to tackle this issue but always turn out with frustration and dissatisfaction. We do believe beauty is an inside out process, can we handle this anti-aging process with positive vibes?
Our anti-aging formula—infused with advanced derma cosmetic technology and sensuous texture, aim at keeping your appearance youthful, allowing your natural confidence and inner beauty to come forth. 
Back up by science, Voluptas not only soothes or maintains your skin condition, our products treat your skin aging problems, target specific problems or areas with highly efficacious solutions to give you visible result after a certain period of time.
Voluptas only believe products with high standard of derma-cosmetic quality and we do attention to each production procedures to ensure the effectiveness.